6 Step Fall Baking Plan

We all know this is the time of year when we roll up our sleeves, stock up on flour, and begin the season of baking and before you know it, it will be time to will be January and we’ll be done with regular baking for a while. So many get overwhelmed when there are so many recipes circulating but there is only so much time to make and try them all. What helped me last year is something that I will continue to do each year and that’s to plan ahead of time. Of course, planning won’t look the same for everyone. Different people are on different schedules and have unique tastes, but one thing is certain. Organization and planning, even in baking, can make the process stress free. I created a 6-step fall baking plan to help you stay organized and enjoy your time baking.

Below is my 6 step fall baking plan that worked for me and I hope will make your life easier as well.

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1. Set a fall baking goal. 

This is very generic but to be organized, you need a goal. Maybe your goal is as simple as fitting great home made fall baked goods in your diet. Another goal may be to perfect your pie making skills. Some may want to try a recipes they have never tried before. Do you want to try healthier fall recipes this year. Whether it is generic or detailed, set your fall baking goal as your first step. It will help you form a big picture and set the tone for your fall baking.

This is beneficial because it will help your distinguish how much time your fall baking will require. If your fall baking goal is making the best pie from scratch and you need some practice, that make require more time than someone making one fall baked good every Saturday.

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 2. Set a number of recipes you have time to make.

Not everyone’s fall schedule is the same. Some may have plenty of time to spend testing out new recipes while others may have other events that take priority but would still like to fit fall baking in their schedules. Try this, from now until Thanksgiving look at each week and decide how many recipes you are willing to fit into each week. Be realistic. That may be one recipe per week for one person and 10 recipes per week for another. Choose what is right for you. If you can’t fit it in your schedule, don’t waste your time making a mess in the kitchen for an end result that will not be your best work. This never works for me and just adds stress, more clean up, and wasting of ingredients. 

3. Write down the recipes you will make and set a date of when you will be making them.

This is critical. How many times have you said you will make something delicious over the weekend yet you were dug deep in your piles of laundry and had no time left to make what you were so excited to make previously. If you had only planned of that recipe ahead of time, you would know that everything else would need to be done so you can get your perfect home-made apple pie. In fact, if you are a looking for the perfect Apple Pie Filling Recipe for your apple pie, I have a great recipe here!

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4. Make a grocery list.

Again, this will be individual but there are some things you can take into consideration. For example, many staple baking ingredients have a long shelf life so you can stock up for the next couple of months. Other recipes may require fresh ingredients that can’t be purchased more than a week in advance. After looking at your recipes you chose, figure out what ingredients you will need and when you will purchase them. There is nothing worse than deciding you want to make pumpkin bread right now you don’t have flour. Believe me, having all ingredients on had will make your fall baking go much smoother.

5. Who is eating everything?

Believe it or not, “who’s going to eat all of this?” is a more common question than you might think. Plan what you will do with your fall baked goods. If not planned well, you might be left with more frozen apple crips muffins than you think. After you choose each recipe, at the bottom, make sure you note what you’ll do with the finished product. Is it all for your family to enjoy? You might be baking for a neighbor or a coworker but can you get it to them in time while it’s still fresh? 

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6. Enjoy the process. 

If you enjoy baking, I can already predict you are very excited for the upcoming months fo creating delicious treats. The most important things to do is enjoy the process and this guide was made with a goal to make your fall baking as stress free as possible. Due to that, I believe a well organized fall baking plan with make your time in your kitchen much more enjoyable and filled with happy moments and out-of-this world aromas.

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