COVID friendly last minute gift guide for passionate cooks and bakers (affordable)

It’s the weekend before Christmas and if you’ve still have shopping to do for your family and friends that love to cook and bake, I’m here to save you! This will be an Amazon list for all online shopping lovers that can take advantage of the quick shipping without leaving your home, making it perfectly COVID friendly. This list contains affiliate links where I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I can almost guarantee that these amazing products will be appreciated by all of those who love to prepare delicious meals and treats.

  1. Dutch Oven

A Dutch Oven is a cook’s best friend. These are relatively heavy which, if you know your kitchen tools, is a good thing because heat is distributed evenly making every dish cooked to perfection. Most Dutch Ovens are ovenproof, so you can start cooking your meal on the stovetop and move it straight to the oven to finish. Now, there are so many available colors and designs that you won’t even have to transfer your cooked meal onto a plate because these can go right on the table. Long story short, not only do they make everything cooked to perfection, they also look fancy!

Shop all Dutch Ovens HERE.

2. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baking Sheets

There are baking sheets and there are aluminum baking sheets. You have no idea how much of a difference baking sheets make in the final outcome of your baked good. What makes these so much better than other baking sheets is that they are made from pure aluminum. This makes aluminum sheets great conductors of heat and they are extremely durable. These will last a LONG time and they will bake the same until the end of their lifetime. Many baking sheets that are labeled “non-stick” contain toxic coating that you don’t want in your food. Another benefit to purchasing from the Nordic Wave collection is because their products are made in the USA so it’s a great way to support products made in our country.

Also, to make your gift complete- add these PRE-CUT Parchment Paper Sheets. I prefer to use this instead of a silicone mat because they are non-toxic and unbleached and not having to cut parchment paper is a dream come true!

Shop Aluminum Baking Sheets HERE.

3. Food Scale

Everyone needs a food scale in their kitchen. Not only is it the most accurate way of measurement but many digital food scales now easily convert between grams and ounces so you don’t have to in the middle of a recipe. Not only that but most of the digital scales that are made now are very small so they can easily be stores even in the smallest of the kitchens.

Shop food scales HERE.

4. Vanilla Beans

I have not yet met a baker that doesn’t make their own vanilla extract! Ever since I made my own, there will be no going back for several reasons. One reason is that it’s much more fragrant than store bought vanilla extract which often times has added ingredients such as water, to increase its volume. This is a perfect gift to order online also because it’s very difficult to find in local grocery stores and there is not mistake in this gift! Making your own vanilla extract is also much cheaper! Just 10 vanilla beans go a really long way- even for passionate bakers that use vanilla extract on a weekly basis. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are my favorite!

To make the gift of vanilla beans complete, get a glass bottle where they can store their vanilla extract.

Shop vanilla beans HERE.

5. Bread Baking for Beginners Book

This may be one of my favorite cook books that I own because it is so detailed- I highly recommend it to everyone that loves to bake. It starts with explaining the ingredients and what role they play in the bread and every terminology and step related to making the perfect bread and beyond. I learned so much from this book and it really made me want to bake bread everyday. So technically, if you gift someone this book, you’re signing up to be a bread taste tester and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Shop other cookbooks HERE.

6. Air Fryer

Air fryers seem to be more and more popular as people are becoming more health concise as well as trying to cut down on bake time as well as clean up time when it comes to making dinner. There are so many creative air fryer recipes to try so an air fryer is without a doubt a great gift.

Shop Air Fryers HERE.

7. Glass Spice Containers

Who does’t love a great selection of spices in their kitchen, especially when the containers are neat, organized, and labeled. I love these because they are glass and come with adorable labels that will go with every kitchen design.

Shop more kitchen organization HERE.

8. Chef’s Knife

Having a great quality chef’s knife in a kitchen is not only safer but it saves so much time. A sharp, professional chef’s knife is a must have in every kitchen.

Shop more kitchen knives HERE.

9. Emile Henry Pie Dish

All my bakers know the importance of a great pie dish and Emile Henry is a classic. This is a 9″ ceramic pie dish that bakes so incredibly well and will last ages! If you have the right recipe, you are guaranteed that your pie will bake perfectly in a ceramic pie dish such as the one above.

Shop more pie dishes HERE.

10. Cast Iron Skillet

If you want someone to make you a great steak just get them a cast iron skillet. These bad boys will make all foods, including steak perfectly cooked and tender because they conduct heat so well and so evenly, what would anyone do without it?

Shop cast iron skillets HERE.

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